Brand Story

    Nectar the most primitive source of SWEET from nature, our brand concept is to let our users not only feel good but inspire with a sweet life after experiencing with our innovative products.

    As a manufacturer with 25 years of design and manufacturing experiences on audio and video consumer electronics and medical devices, we created over hundreds new products with different prestige brands and sold all over the world. The success built from our products in the past giving us a solid ground to embrace with the emerging B2C marketplace. Ideas beyond limit and creating sweet life is the prime drive to our team to provide best quality controlled and safe innovative product to client in direct.

    Air is one of the primitive and basic to human, however, air quality is deteriorating in modern society, our engineer teams dedicated years to invent with patented HIRD technology on a smart Air Purifier which help improve indoor room air quality. The powerful but safe electrostatic field attraction inside the pollutant collector array effectively purify undesired dust, smoke, bacteria, pollen and offering clean and safe air for a sweet life.

    Elderly population ratio is growing, hearing problem is one of the top issue they are facing, and many of the elderly are reluctant to wear a hearing aids in view of two key reasons, financial barriers and negative social perception of wearing a hearing aids. Our “Nectar” concept drive us to create a wearable that user could be proud to wear – something that’s both functional and elegant, and then re-connect to the social world with clear hearing, re-gain a sweet life in an affordable price.

    More “Nectar” innovative ideas is coming, let’s enjoy a sweet life.